Mr. Mohammed Tawfik MOULINE, Director General of IRES, participated as a key witness in the 15th edition of the international symposium on public finance, on the theme "What model of governance of public finance in a world of multi-crises", organized jointly by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Morocco and the Association for the International Foundation of Public Finance (FONDAFIP), on December 16 and 17, 2022

Mr. MOULINE's presentation attempted to draw lessons for public finance from two decades of international crises, most of which have become systemic crises. Proposals were formulated to improve the governance of public finances, emphasizing, in particular, the overcoming of the short-term approach towards a medium and long-term vision, the sustainability of public debt, the acceleration of digital transformation and the adaptation of the evaluation of public policies to a national and international context where uncertainty is a major characteristic.