As an active member of the Coalition of Arab Research and Culture Centers, the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies (IRES) organized, in Marrakech on June 8, 2022, the 10th edition of the Forum of Arab Thought and Culture, under the theme "The Arab world facing the new global challenges".

This meeting, which was attended by prominent figures from the strategic decision-making circles of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Jordan, Egypt and Yemen, was an opportunity to identify the positioning of the Arab world in the face of new challenges arising from the proliferation of international crises, to examine the impact on Arab countries and to formulate innovative proposals to enable countries in the region to meet the challenges that arise at the geopolitical, geo-economic and governance level.

The final communiqué of this conference has highlighted a series of strategic directions, aimed at strengthening the geopolitical positioning of the Arab world and its strategic sovereignty, in a context of increasing polarization and the rise of new areas of conflict, including cybermetic, to improve the insertion of Arab economies in global value chains and promote the emergence of regional value chains to enable Arab countries to secure their access to strategic resources and achieve autonomy in the sectors of life. He also emphasized the need to reform governance and place the citizen at the heart of public policy and decision-making processes.

Has, moreover, been highlighted the important role that Morocco plays, under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, in promoting development, peace and stability at the regional level, as well as for strengthening cohesion among Arab peoples.