The Royal Institute for Strategic Studies (IRES) organized, on February 19, 2020, a Scientific Day on the oceans and seas. This meeting is in line with the United Nations proclamation of the period 2021-2030 "Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development" and in the context of its foresight reflection on global issues and in particular that related to oceans,

This meeting took place in four sessions:

  • The first session focused on the most crucial national maritime issues, current and future.
  • The second session was dedicated to the presentation of national best practices in the management of maritime areas.
  • The third session was devoted to finding solutions for the sustainable development of maritime areas and coasts by 2040.
  • The fourth session, which took the shape of foresight workshops, allowed to prioritize global challenges, Moroccan challenges and the solutions suggested.

The presence of institutional actors, representatives of the public and private sector and of civil society as well as experts in maritime, air and space law was an appropriate opportunity to provide relevant insights on the various issues related to the seas and oceans, on the one hand, and formulate proposals capable of preserving the oceans, on the other.



Programme de la rencontre


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