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Day of reflection on the future of Dakhla Oued -Eddahab region

Which health system in Morocco, in the light of national sovereignty and the generalization of social coverage ?

Preparatory meeting for the third edition of the national survey on the social bond

Visite de travail d’une délégation de haut niveau de l’Institute for Economics and Peace

Russia: the return of power

The Strategic Triangle Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe and Africa

Visit of Mr. Lahcen HADDAD, President of the Morocco-European Union Joint Parliamentary Commission, accompanied by a high-level delegation

The international positioning of Morocco: from perception to reality

Participation of IRES in the 1st Edition of the Africa Digital Economy Forum

Presentation of the IRES 2021 strategic report

Participation of the Director General of IRES in the 14th International Colloquium on Public Finances

La grande histoire vue de la mer