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Communication of the Director General of IRES to the monthly meeting of the Special Commission on the Development Model

International workshop on the theme “Energy transition and renewable energies in Africa”.

Visit of a high-level Chinese delegation to IRES

What innovative strategies for addressing Africa’s structural development challenges

Visit of a Student Group from the ” National High School of Administration ” (ENSA) at IRES

Visit of Mr Amin SAIKAL, Professor of Political Science at the Australian National University and Director of the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies at the College of Arts and Social Sciences

Visit of the Ambassador of Korea to Morocco

Visit of the President of « Instituto para a Promonçao e Desenvolvimento de America Latina »

The second edition of International Panel of Futurists

The 4th edition of the conference “Coalition of Knowledge Storm”

What levers to strengthen the positioning of Moroccan economic actors in Africa, in the light of Morocco’s return to the African Union ?

IRES participation in the CGEM conference on the social contract