March 19, 2020
General reports


In 2015, the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies (IRES) launched a new series of strategic reports : "Morocco's Panorama in the World". The common feature of these annual strategic reports is that they showcase a given situation as a whole, thus providing a broad perspective. The first in this series examined major transitions underway at the global level and their impacts on Morocco, in terms of opportunities to be seized, risks to be averted and disruptions to be anticipated. The second edition of Morocco's Panorama in the World was dedicated to the Kingdom's international relations, based on the Guidelines set out in the Royal Message of 30 August 2013, calling on the Institute to devote its efforts to Morocco's external relations and diplomatic matters. The third Panorama (2017) addressed the crucial issues of climate change and ecological footprint*, in the run-up to Morocco's hosting of the United Nations Climate Conference "COP22". The fourth Panorama (2018) focused on autonomous development in Africa, a view in favor of which His Majesty King Mohammed VI has consistently advocated. In keeping with IRES' interest in global competitiveness and intangible capital issues, the 2019/2020 strategic report focuses on global systemic issues and their relevance to the reflection on Morocco's new development model. This model, intended to promote the well-being of Moroccans, is a contribution by IRES to the thinking on this issue, in accordance with His Majesty's Guidelines. In the Parliamentary Opening Speech of October 13, 2017, His Majesty King Mohammed VI called for the renewal of Morocco's development model in view of the "magnitude of (social) shortcomings" and means by which social and territorial justice is to be achieved. In the current context of change, a new direction for the Kingdom of Morocco is required to guide necessary transformations, while breaking with governance practices which have hindered the full implementation of strategic commitments.