Future challenges of the New Urban World : what model of development for the Moroccan city ?

The Royal Institute for Strategic Studies (IRES) organized in association with the National Institute of Urban Planning (INAU), the Regional Science Association International (RSAI) and JPI Urban Europe in Rabat, on October 1-2, 2012,  an international scientific meeting on the theme " New urban world future challenges the: which development model for the Moroccan city ? "

The aim of this meeting is to analyze in depth the driving forces and impacts of the process of cultural, economic, social and technological development induced by modern cities, to identify challenges to urban areas (climate change, security... ), to identify new ways to redesign cities and to offer possible outcomes for appropriate policies that enhance urban agglomerations’ development potential worldwide and particularly in Morocco.

The meeting brought together policy makers, civil society actors and several scientists and experts from Morocco and around the world to discuss from trans-disciplinary perspectives various challenges and opportunities facing the new urban world.