The Royal Institute for Strategic Studies (IRES) has organized, on July 16, 2020, a videoconference dedicated to the dissemination and discussion of the main results of the sixth study on Morocco’s reputation in the world, carried out by IRES in partnership with "Reptrak Company", a world leader in the field of "Nation Branding".

This videoconference was attended by a high-level panel, including representatives of the public as well as private sectors, diplomats and experts on issues related to "Nation Branding".

This study, which is part of the activity of the observatory on Morocco’s image internationally, created by IRES in 2015, has focused on the analysis of the Kingdom’s reputation in G-7 countries + Russia and also in 16 developed or emerging countries. It aims to spot the strengths and weaknesses of Morocco’s external and internal image and to identify the strategic options able to enhance this image and make it a lever to improve the country’s overall competitiveness and attractiveness.

The sixth edition of the survey, administered between the March and May 2020, a period of great confinement, has witnessed a very significant improvement in the external and internal reputation of the Kingdom.


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