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The vocation of IRES is to contribute to making decisions on strategic issues. Its mission is to carry out strategic studies and analyses on matters submitted by His Majesty the King and perform a strategic watch function, both at the national and international level, in various areas considered as strategic for the country. IRES analyses domestic structural issues, examines Morocco’s external relations in their multiple dimensions and attaches great attention to global issues.

Through its studies and strategic watch, the Institute focuses on public policies in order to inform the choices of fundamental reforms required by the prospect of a democratic and modern society to which Morocco is resolutely committed. This vocation gives IRES an exceptional positioning on the national scene, at the heart of the political, economic and social challenges of the country. Its contributions include:

  • A broad scope of analysis that enables it to address the country’s main issues, thanks to a cross-cutting and multidimensional approach.
  • A time horizon that transcends short-term issues so as to focus on structural features which may have an impact on Morocco’s development process.

 IRES is engaged in a strategic analysis in order to understand the ongoing global, regional and national developments, to shed light on the upcoming challenges, but also on the opportunities that these developments have in store for Morocco and to propose innovative public policies specifically adapted to these challenges.

This analysis is carried out by IRES in a spirit of openness on its external environment, by promoting a collaborative approach at the national and international level with a view to fostering intellectual emulation and synergy, and unleashing creativeness and innovation. To this end, the Institute acts as a bridge between public authorities, the academic community and civil society.

Since its inception and until the end of 2019, IRES has been able to showcase a number of achievements, which have earned it a certain reputation. The Institute has produced 204 reports, including 32 general and institutional reports, 141 thematic reports, 9 reports related to IRES.Forum activities, 5 strategic reports entitled "Morocco Panorama in the World" and 4 reports on the International Panel of Futurists.

Up until 2019, the Institute had organized 280 meetings on a wide range of topics, including some twenty international conferences to reflect on global issues, in particular the challenges that the world will face in 2050, climate change, the cities of the future, the issues concerning maritime spaces, radicalization processes, migration, the Kingdom’s external relations, etc.

In addition to its internal resources, IRES was able to mobilize 224 associate researchers and about a hundred doctoral students to produce thematic and strategic reports.

The study mission of IRES is geared towards anticipating the challenges that the ongoing global, regional and national developments have in store for Morocco and identifying the levers likely to enable the Kingdom to address them. This mission includes the analysis of national, international and global issues. These complex issues have to do with the social bond, climate change, global competitiveness, international relations, intangible capital, etc.

As part of its watch mission, IRES permanently addresses about a dozen strategic issues, each including three areas of strategic watch. The Institute monitors a thousand strategic indicators and analyses, every year, nearly 500 publications, from national and international reference organizations.