The Director General of the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies, Mr. Mohammed Tawfik MOULINE participated, as keynote speaker at the 14th Energy Conference, organized on 19 November 2018 by the Federation of Energy and the Union for the Mediterranean, on the theme "Energy transition: what regional geostrategy, by 2050 ?".

Mr. MOULINE presented the African energy context as well as the energy transition in the ECOWAS countries. Regarding the prospects of Morocco joining ECOWAS, he said it is an opportunity to accelerate the energy transition in Africa, but also the opportunity to review the energy policy of Morocco by integrating the regional dimension.

The Nigerian-Morocco-Europe gas pipeline project is a real opportunity to transform the West African energy and industrial landscape. Its implementation requires, in addition to the leadership of the founders, a firm commitment from Nigeria to ensure the continued supply of gas, the involvement of the European Union and the consideration of all associated risks, including safe.