Considering the context of rapid globalization and the several transitions of the national environment, Morocco has decided to contend with this complexity as a whole and to develop anticipation-based expertise. It is within this framework that the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies (IRES) was established in November 2007.

As part of its strategic watch mission, IRES set up in 2016, an International Panel of Futurists. The first edition of the PIP, held in July 2016, tackled the twelve major challenges for humanity.

the second edition of May 2017 aimed to identify new strategic responses to the major challenges particularly those likely to have an impact on Morocco. The objective sought by IRES is to contribute to the reflection on public policies, in order to prepare Morocco to face the major meta-issues, namely:

  • Know how to be together in the era of globality,
  • Creativity and population explosion,
  • Employment and value creation.

On the sidelines of this panel, a conference was organized by the Institute at the National Library of the Kingdom, the afternoon of May 4, 2017, to present and discuss the three meta-issues mentioned above.