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The Royal Institute for Strategic Studies (IRES) and Huawei Technologies jointly organized, on July 19, 2021, an international conference on the theme "Development of disruptive technologies: opportunities and challenges for Morocco".

This meeting, which is part of the strategic partnership concluded, since 2016, between the Kingdom of Morocco and the People's Republic of China as well as the strategic dialogue started in 2018 between IRES and Chinese think tanks and operators, was a suitable opportunity to deepen the reflection on the issue of disruptive technologies in Morocco, by questioning the prospects offered in the various fields, on the strategies to be put in place for the development of a sovereign technological ecosystem, as well as on the levers and factors allowing to accelerate the digital transformation of the Kingdom and to concretize its vocation of digital hub of Africa.

Participated actively in this international conference, national institutional actors, representatives of the private sector, as well as eminent national and foreign experts in the field of telecommunications, innovation, disruptive technologies and digital transformation





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